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Sent February 2nd 2016

Hi Dancer It’s PartyTime THIS Wednesday 3rd February Eastbourne Town Hall. BN224UG.  So it would be great if you would like to share a really great evening.     7.45 -11pm with an Icebreaker then 21/2 HOURS of FREESTYLE. Great Music Mix with requests, free Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Cake and our "special". £5 before 8.30, £6 thereafter. BIRTHDAY TABLE WOULD YOU LIKE TO CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY AT PartyTime at the beginning of the month at Eastbourne Town Hall? Just let me know, ...

PartyTime Half Price before 8.30

Sent January 5th 2016

Hi Dancer We RE-open TOMORROW NIGHT and it’s PartyTime 6th Jan. Balloons, Tea, Coffee, Cake and a “special”. Lots of dancers in  December said how they enjoyed The Town Hall’s dance floor and atmosphere .....and the music – so much they took the picture and put it on Facebook!!! Come and join our Merry Band it’s £3 HALF PRICE BEFORE 8.30 thereafter £6. A Special  THANK YOU to Carol, Kate, Lou & Sharon for their special help. EVERYONE is made welcome by EVERYONE Freestyle after icebreaker...


Sent December 31st 2015

Hi Dancer ANOTHER NEW YEAR is almost upon us. Thank you for your support during the last year whilst I have been trying to make EASTBOURNE LEROC, Eastbourne Town Hall a Dance Venue (with a lesson) rather than just a teaching venue. Things we do. Offer free Tea, Coffee and “specials”, A Great Music Mix with Requests every week. Open long hours for your dancing pleasure, 7.45 – 11pm freestyle for TWO & A HALF HOURS, Have a Birthday Table with free entry for two. WE EXPECT THIS YEAR TO RE-OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY. DANCE...

PartyTime HOT Mince Pies Wednesday

Sent December 1st 2015

Hi Dancers Dancing at PartyTime Eastbourne LeRoc TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday) with a Christmas Flavour of HOT Mince Pies - Come - dance - enjoy the last PartyTime for this year. £6.00 - 11pm. Next one 6th Jan 2016. It’s a SUPER Dance Venue - and we're making it a Dance Venue  rather than a teaching venue. PartyTime. Come with friends and enjoy a great night of dance with requests. Free Tea, Coffee n Biscuits. MAKE HISTORY - CLUB TOGETHER ONCE A MONTH - COME WITH SOME FRIENDS FOR A NEW DANCE VENUE It’s START...


Sent November 3rd 2015

PartyTime    KANE & HELEN    TRUE BANOFFI PIES Hi Dancer We Have KANE & HELEN from Jive Frenzy teaching the ICEBREAKER at Eastbourne LeRoc, Eastbourne Town Hall BN21 4UG. THIS WEDNESDAY 8.30-9.00  - The Best Dance Venue around - and we're making it a Dance Venue  rather than a teaching venue - but with guest club organisers. PartyTime. Come and enjoy the "special" –  REAL & TRUE BANOFFI PIES - a la Hungry Monk! Come with friends and enjoy a great night...

PLEASE read info

Sent October 19th 2015

Hi Dancer Although I only open at Eastbourne Town Hall once a month, (PartyTime is always the first week) I wanted to make it a DANCE NIGHT rather than a teaching venue. It has a Superb Sprung Wooden Dance Floor and is the BEST Venue for dancing virtually anywhere.  Dance venues have become SO “split” up, that you can never know where you can meet up with your various friends at any given time. SO if you were ALL to make it a special night for dance...... just once a month, then, “we” ALL could have somewhere spe...

PartyTime THIS Wednesday

Sent October 5th 2015

Hi Dancer PartyTime THIS WEDNESDAY (first Wednesday EVERY Month) is as usual at the EASTBOURNE TOWN HALL. Come and have a Great evening of dance - requests taken - the "special" is a couple of Fresh Fruit Flans n Ice Cream, Tea, Coffee , Soft Drink provided as always. Ice Breaker 8 - 8.30. Freestyle 8.30 - 11pm. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to James partnered by Sarah for teaching an interesting and fun Ice Breaker last month. Next month we have Kane & Helen teaching the Ice Breaker – always something new and in...

PartyTime This Wed James & Leonor Guest teachers

Sent August 31st 2015

PartyTime is THIS Wednesday at Eastbourne Town Hall and we have GUEST TEACHERS JAMES & LEONOR teaching an Icebreaker at 8 - 8.30 then freestyle - joint DJing. Come and enjoy a Great evening of Dance, Music Mix and Free Tea, Coffee, Juices and our "Special"!    7.45 -11pm £6                   Music You Just Have To Dance To! ...


Sent August 8th 2015

NEED DANCERS FOR HASTINGS CARNIVAL TODAY Hi Dancer I am running the Le Roc DEMOs (to the public) at BUTLERS GAP HASTINGS CARNIVAL from 2 - 4.  THIS SATURDAY. Gypsy John is coming in with me so it should be a great show – ALL WE NEED IS YOU!!!!! TO DANCE. So come and Just turn up with your dancing shoes or to watch – we have Vinyl flooring laid on pavement – so it’s a great surface. If you can let me know if your coming ....so much the better. SEE YOU THERE? 07754 442027  ...

PartyTime AND My Birthday Bash THIS WEDNESDA

Sent August 3rd 2015

Hi Dancers It’s PartyTime THIS Wednesday the 5th Aug. along with My Birthday Celebrations at Eastbourne Town Hall. So it would be great if you would like to share my Birthday Bash and come to make it a really great evening.    We’re having Fresh Cooked Pizza’s, Trifles’, Cream, Ice Cream & Nibbles, along with free Lemonade, Coke, Juice, Coffee & Tea all night.  Bring your requests with you. IT’S A FREESTYLE NIGHT. Freestyle from 8 – 11pm. £6.00 BIRTHDAY TABLE WOULD YOU LIKE TO CELEBRATE YO...

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