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SUMMER DANCE SAT and other Info

Sent August 9th 2017

Hi Dancers DANCING TOMORROW NIGHT at Uckfield LAST NIGHT you can buy tickets at Uckfield for The Summer Dance for THIS Saturday and save £2 on the £8 ticket (£10 OTD) (unless you buy on line (http://eastbournelerocdance.blogspot.co.uk/). Beginners 8.8.30 – Interesting Intermediate 8.30 – 9.00 then freestyle till 11 O’clock. Great music Mix, Free Car Park. Sprung Floor and GREAT Company! Come – dance – enjoy. Whata GREAT PartyTime last week 80+ and NINE different fruits in the fresh fruit salad Plus ...


Sent August 2nd 2017

Hi Dancers It’s PartyTime at Uckfield TOMORROW THURSDAY. So and we have, Balloons, PartyTimeTable Cloths and our “Specials”. Don’t forget if you bring a HOMEMADE Cake you get in free! J Beginners 8-8.30 then Freestyle till 11pm. £6. It was my Birthday Bash last Thursday, THANK YOU for helping me to celebrate with The Cake, Cards and Best Wishes. It wasa Great Night. Buy your Uckfield Summer Dance Tickets tonight for SAT 12th Aug or online at http://eastbournelerocdance.blogspot.co.uk/  £8 in advance or...

THURS My Birthday Bash A Sat SWING & LeRoc At Eastbourne Town Hall

Sent July 25th 2017

Hi Dancers It’s my Birthday Bash THIS Thursday, be great to have you help to celebrate it! Yep I’m 21 Again!!! Gotta cake and there will be some extras to keep you going. J Buy your Dance Tickets too! PartyTime is NEXT WEEK. DANCING Thursday NIGHT  27th, with 3 Turbo Fans to keep you Coooool. Sorry about the intermediate last week – being tripped up by an electric fence ....... does slow one down a bit!! SO,Beginners, Intermediate and then freestyle £5 before 8.30. £6 thereafter. 8.00 till 11.00. The...

Thursday Sat Dance Re-open Eastbourne monthly

Sent July 20th 2017

Hi Dancers Another Great Night - TONIGHT Thursday 20th with another interesting intermediate lesson plus our beginners. 3 Turbo Fans to keep you Coooool and great evening of dance with requests.  £5 before 8.30 £6.00 thereafter. 8.00 till11.00. The Civic Centre (just off high street). TN22 1AE.  Tickets available for the HOTSHOTS UCKFIELD SUMMER DANCE. AUGUST 12th . 8 – 12 midnight, D J Mike “THE Man” Takes Requests, Bar, Wooden Dance Floor, Free Car Park and A Great Night Of Dance. £8.00 in...


Sent May 24th 2017

Hi Dancers   DANCE TONIGHT & NEW & WEEK COURSE We will also be reverting to our usual format of 8.00 – 8.30 ABSOLUTE Beginner course – 8.40 – 9.00 Intermediate and Consolidation (separate rooms)  – 9.00 – 11pm Freestyle. The New ABSOLUTE Beginners 6 week course started on the 18th May. BUT it’s not too late to join because we run through the first weeks moves this week – so you can catchup.£25 for the whole SIX WEEK COURSE. I would be grateful if you would SHARE and spread the word. Thank...

Michele passed away

Sent May 15th 2017

Michele passed away Dear Dancers It is with deep sadness and regret that I write to inform you that Michele Boby passed away 3rd May from an Pulmonary Embolism. I had known her many years - long before she crewed for me at Eastbourne LeRoc and indeed had been talking about crewing again as soon as I reopened again. She was a Lovely Lovely lady and few people knew how she So suffered, yet I Never saw or heard her complain, in fact the opposite - Always with a smile, Always cheerful despite times of real problems and h...


Sent May 9th 2017

Hi Dancers  PartyTime THIS THURSDAY. We have an advanced beginner 8 – 8.30 then Freestyle 8.30 – 11pm. Party Balloons, Table clothes, Our “special” with Ice cream or ???   £6.00. A Great Music Mix with requests, Free Car Park and the friendliest of dance crowd. Come – dance – enjoy WE WILL BE OPEN THURSDAY JUNE 8th Uckfield Civic Centre TN22 1AE have now kindly moved rooms to enable us to be in our usual hall on the night of the election.. So you can come and dance AND Vote! We will also be re...

Beginners Course Date Moved BUY Tickets NOW for Easter Dance

Sent April 10th 2017

Hi Dancers EASTER  DANCE BUY YOUR EASTER DANCE TICKETS FOR  THIS SATURDAY15th APRIL. £8.00 in advance £10.00 OTD. 8.00 – 12 midnight. Free Easter Egg for Everyone, Decorated, Great Music Mix, Requests, Bar, Free Car Park. Uckfield Civic Centre, (just off High St). TN22. 1AE. Buy ONLINE http://eastbournelerocdance.blogspot.co.uk/ I Would be grateful if you would “spread the word” :)   - I CANNOT REACH EVERYONE.  IT'S A LOVELY VENUE AND A WOODEN SPRUNG FLOOR. IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT EVENI...

PartyTime and Dance Tickets.

Sent April 6th 2017

PartyTime TONIGHT THURSDAY Always a Super night, with cake and a "Special". Bring a HOMEMADE cake and get in free. Beginners lesson 8.00 - 8.30, no intermediate. Freestyle from 8.30 - 11pm. £6.00. Great Music Mix, Requests, Bar, Free Car Park. Uckfield Civic Centre, (just off High St). TN22. 1AE. BUY YOUR EASTER DANCE TICKETS 15th April TOO. £8.00 in advance £10.00 OTD. I Would be grateful if you would “spread the word"  - I CANNOT REACH EVERYONE.  IT'S A LOVELY VENUE AND A ...

UPDATE 60 Plus SwingShift 18 Piece BIG Band PartyTime

Sent November 29th 2016

UPDATE    60 Plus    SwingShift 18 Piece BIG Band      PartyTime Hi Dancer Eastbourne LeRoc Update. Due to my cancer op.- I had to suspend Eastbourne Town Halls Eastbourne LeRoc. I am Now looking very hard for a couple of teachers to take over Le Roc 3 weeks a month, with myself running PartyTime, if you love Eastbourne as much as I do – please spread the word. CHRISTMAS CRACKER Thursday 22nd December. 18 Piece BIG BAND I still run HOTSHOTS Uckfield as t...

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