SUMMER DANCE SAT and other Info

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Subject: SUMMER DANCE SAT and other Info
Date: August 9th 2017

Hi Dancers

LAST NIGHT you can buy tickets at Uckfield for The Summer Dance for THIS Saturday and save £2 on the £8 ticket (£10 OTD) (unless you buy on line (
Beginners 8.8.30 – Interesting Intermediate 8.30 – 9.00 then freestyle till 11 O’clock. Great music Mix, Free Car Park. Sprung Floor and GREAT Company! Come – dance – enjoy.

Whata GREAT PartyTime last week 80+ and NINE different fruits in the fresh fruit salad Plus homemade cakes and strudles. THANK YOU to you ALL for making it such sooooper night......  and Thank You Sharon for the cake made Just-for-me. :)
EARLY BIRD NYE Tickets £9 end on 12th  Aug, then goes to £12 through to end Septenmber. Bookings are coming in from Eastbourne and all over. You can buy online too.

SEPT 2nd A joint SWING & LeRoc Night 8 – 12 Eastbourne Town Hall. Buy Online
£8 in advance £10 OTD. More info to follow.

Eastbourne Town Hall, Grove Road, Eastbourne.

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