Beginners Course Date Moved BUY Tickets NOW for Easter Dance

From: "Eastbourne LeRoc" <>
Subject: Beginners Course Date Moved BUY Tickets NOW for Easter Dance
Date: April 10th 2017

Hi Dancers
8.00 – 12 midnight. Free Easter Egg for Everyone, Decorated, Great Music Mix, Requests, Bar, Free Car Park. Uckfield Civic Centre, (just off High St). TN22. 1AE.
I Would be grateful if you would “spread the word” :)   - I CANNOT REACH EVERYONE.  IT'S A LOVELY VENUE AND A WOODEN SPRUNG FLOOR. IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT EVENING OF DANCE.  Modern, Motown, Swing and a touch of Tango.

We WERE TO have the new absolute beginners course starting Thursday May 11th.  HOWEVER DUE TO VENUE BEING UNAVAILABLE AS WE HAVE PartyTime then, which in turn is due our Venue being closed on the 4th. IT IS NOW 18th May.
Having taught over the last 12 years, courses, using basic technique, tension and timing etc basic technique, tension and timing etctechnique, tension and timing etc. THROUGHOUT the 6 week period, you will learn 12/14 moves and you can be assured of a fun and super introduction to Le Roc (modern jive.). HOTSHOTS is the ONLY club that has taught a pure 5 x 6 week Beginners course in a separate venue! However by coming to the club, ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS will benefit greatly from the encouragement and practice of being ALL TOGETHER with our friendly club members and Experienced dancers who will be pleased to help you get over your nerves.

You further get a discount which is less than the usual entrance fee to “encourage new blood” So there is no extra cost involved either. £25 for 6 weeks in advance or £5 per night.
There is no commitment other than to enjoy out great dance. For further info  Mike 07754 442027. Thursday Nights 8 – 11pm. Uckfield Civic Centre (just off the High St) TN22 1AE

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