Shows and Shenanigans!

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Subject: Shows and Shenanigans!
Date: April 29th 2010

Shows and Shenanigans!

End of April News, 2010


There are some great shows and festivals coming up, so check out the dates and see what you can get to!  I had this crazy dream last night I was in ancient Athens by the sea where everything was larger than life, the fish were huge, with amazing colours, jumping above the surface of a river that ran through the city, where everyone was really friendly and loved having a visitor from the future.  Everywhere there was a  sense of space, freshness, bold, big and beautiful.  So if you get a chance you should go back in time to my imaginary ancient Athens.  If you can’t, then the following shows and events are going to be just as good!:



Crazy Joana

Premier 1st of May at Seven Arts Centre, with further dates around Yorkshire


This is the show I’ve been in Leeds rehearsing in since mid-Feb.  It combines contemporary dance, film projection and a great score with really imaginative and theatrical staging.  So if you’re in Yorkshire in May make sure you come check it out!




Tango Rojo Festival of Tango and Arts

12-16th of May, London!


This is a fascinating and unique festival in that it combines dancing, music, art and film, and Tara and I will be performing on the ‘Alternative Milonga’ night on Friday the 14th of May.  The night will include two short films, an exhibition, live orchestra and lots of dancing!  The beautiful website for the whole festival is here:





Tango Workshop West London

Saturday 29th of May, St Mary´s Church Hall, Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NJ


Two hours for beg/int and two for int/adv, there’s something here for everyone!


12-2pm: Beg/Int - focusing on the most important foundation of tango, building connection, confidence and competence on the dance floor!


2.30-4.30pm: Int/Avd – Some great social sequences that you can do in ‘close embrace’ – perfect for crowded dance floors and for those times you want to really dance ‘as one’. 


£15 for one workshop or £25 for both.

You can pay on the day but you need to book in advance so drop me an email or call 07881 622 909.


It will be great to see some of you dancing after I’ve had a long break from teaching out in West London!  If you're unsure as to which workshop to do, drop me a line!



Other News:


Since February I’ve been rehearsing in Leeds for ‘Crazy Joanna’ but from May I’m back in London, looking forward to the shows coming up and doing some more teaching.  June’s going to be a busy month as well, with ‘Entangled’ at the Pulse Fringe Festival in Ipswich, and then back with the Royal Opera to do ‘Carmen’ again in London – plus we’re doing more teaching at the Dome, so there’s lots more news to come!


Hope to see you soon, share any crazy dreams!




07881 622 909

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