Theatre Performance, Classes and Best Wishes!!!

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Subject: Theatre Performance, Classes and Best Wishes!!!
Date: January 6th 2010

Theatre Performance, Classes and Best Wishes!!!

January 2010


Hello and Happy New Year!


I hope you had a great time, a lovely Christ Mass and all those other things.  I’m really looking forward to the coming year, with lots of exciting things planned!  This month we’re premiering a 20 minute choreography at the Place, restarting our Thursday tango classes, teaching at Rock Bottoms, Swinging the Blues and resuming private lessons!


On a less exciting note Jenny Sayer (who many of you have taken Jango and Tango classes with) is shortly leaving for the USA then Buenos Aires, so opportunities to learn from her will be far more rare.  So grab this last chance coming up.


Other than that I hope you can make it to the theatre or a class, and hope you get to do lots of great dancing this year, see things that inspire you, and share time with people you respect, enjoy and like the smell of.


All the best!



07881 622 909



Scroll down to read about:


1. Amir & Tara perform at the Robin Howard Theatre

2. Tango Classes Resume THIS Thursday

3. Women’s Technique Class with Jenny Sayer

4. Spaces at Rock Bottoms this weekend!



1. Come See Us in the West End!





This will be the premier of a new 20 minute choreography drawing on many influences and the result of several month’s work.  If you were wondering why you haven’t seen me perform any choreographies lately its because all the creative energy has been spent on this baby!  Its part of a season of new work at The Place, every evening showing three dance companies.  You can follow updates and see any videos uploaded at


To book tickets contact the place website, on the phone or in person:


The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre

17 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PY

Tickets and Information: 0207 121 1100


8pm, Monday 18th January 2010

Tickets between £5 and £15




2. Tango Classes Resume This Thursday!


I’m back teaching with Monica from this Thursday, the 7th of January!  Classes continue with a special focus on connection, close embrace, and useful steps for the dance floor! Hope you can make it…


7.30pm Beg

8.30pm Int


£10 or £15 for both classes. 


Expressions Studios
Linton House
39-51 Highgate Road
London NW5 1RT




3. Women’s Technique Workshop with Jenny Sayer

Colgadas, Volcadas and Boleos

Level: All levels

When: Sunday 10th January 3-6 pm

Where: The Room, 33 Holcombe Rd, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS

The workshop is £30 for 3hrs- To book email me at

“We will warm up with a series of postural exercises to develop correct alignment in the body, then spend the first part of the workshop working on women’s musicality. We will use the fundamental elements to explore stepping with different qualities and rhythms. We will include decoration drills and look at how we can incorporate adornments smoothly and confidently into our dancing.  It is an excellent opportunity to analyse and drill your skills and ask about essential tango elements at a deeper level.

In the second part of this workshop the studio will be divided into four stations; giros, boleos,  volcada’s and colgada’s . Each station will be explained and students will rotate through the different areas. This will give students the opportunity to focus on the skills they most need to work on.

This will be the last workshop before I leave for America.”




4. Spaces at Rock Bottoms THIS Weekend!


Tara and I are teaching 6 (SIX!) tango classes this weekend at Rockbottoms.  If you want a chance to throw yourself into this dance, there are still a couple of spaces!  You obviously also get lots of modern jive classes, late night freestyle, and a friendly bunch of slightly mad but mostly harmless people:




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