Trinity LeRoc Message This Friday at BAWA it's Halloween Howl.

From: "Trinity LeRoc" <>
Subject: Trinity LeRoc Message This Friday at BAWA it's Halloween Howl.
Date: October 21st 2018

TRINITY @ THE BAWA BALLROOM THIS FREAKY FRIDAY MODERN JIVE DANCE, PARTY NIGHT, LEROC, CEROC BOOGIE FUN WITH FRIENDS. GREAT FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES ♦♦♦ GREAT DANCE COMING UP AT BAWA ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ THIS FRIDAY the 26th OCTOBER ♦♦♦ Its going to be a Great night of dancing. Turn up the Heat and lets PARTY ♦♦♦ "HALLOWEEN THEME" FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ "SPARKLE DANCE" FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER ♦♦♦ DANCE DATES 2019 CLICK ON FLYER TO BUY ONLINE Call on 0795 778 4094 or Email or visit for more detail DATES FOR 2018 Friday 26th October 2018 BAWA Friday 30th November 2018 BAWA DATES FOR 2019 Friday 25th January 2019 BAWA Friday 29th March 2019 BAWA Friday 26th April 2019 BAWA Friday 24th May 2019 BAWA Friday 21st June 2019 BAWA Friday 27th September 2019 BAWA Friday 25th October 2019 BAWA Friday 29th November 2019 BAWA HOW TO FIND the BAWA CLUB (British Aerospace Workers Association Club) The BAWA Club (British Aerospace Workers Association) 589 Southmead Road Filton Bristol BS34 7RG The BAWA Club is just 5 mins from the M5 Junction 16 or 10 mins from Junction 19 of M4. Parking is secure, floodlit with over 300 spaces for cars. On site security man the front desk and car parks. Join the Trinity LeRoc Group on FACEBOOK (CLICK ON LINK to JOIN OUR GROUP) IF YOU ARE A FACEBOOK USER PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU ARE ATTENDING OUR EVENTS If you cannot read this Email properly follow this Link:-

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Trinity LeRoc, based in Bristol started 14 years ago

It is run by a group who have many years experience of dancing, teaching and competing. They are committed to ensuring you learn this exciting dance in a friendly, electric atmosphere.

They combine Modern Jive with Contemporary Dance and a little Latin Spice. A mix they feel, gives the best of all worlds.

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