FRIDAY 24th, sorry NOT Saturday 25th Worsbrough freestyle, DJ Cath

From: "Northern Jive (Barnsley)" <>
Subject: FRIDAY 24th, sorry NOT Saturday 25th Worsbrough freestyle, DJ Cath
Date: January 20th 2020

We are very sorry but some of the dates sent in our recent e mail weren't quite right:

Starting with our next freestyle which is now FRIDAY 24th January, NOT Saturday 25th.  Cath is your DJ and Ken & cath will be providing all the usual "half time" treats, still only £8 admission.

Later freestyle dates for 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, and bonus dates are:

Saturday 8th February

Saturday 22nd February

Saturday 29th February, Bonus Freestyle,

Saturday 14th March

Saturday 28th March

Saturday 11th April

Saturday 25th April

Saturday 9th May

Saturday 23th May

Saturday 30th May, Bonus Freestyle,

Saturday 13th June

Saturday 27th June

 Saturday 11th July

Saturday 25th July

Saturday 8th August

Saturday 22th August

Saturday 29th August, Bonus Freestyle,

Saturday 12th September

Saturday 26th September

Saturday 10th October

Saturday 24th October

Saturday 31st October, (Halloween Party Freestyle)

Saturday 14th November

Saturday 28th November

Saturday 12th December, (Christmas Party)

Saturday 26th December, “Black n Red” Ball

Wednesday 31st December, (New Year’s Eve Party)

All Worsbrough freestyles are just £8 pay on the door apart from NYE, which will be all ticket as it always sells out.  Details of DJ's etc later, call Ken on 07808067601, Cath on 07910980644 or Tracey on 07722537020 for more details.

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