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Date: September 4th 2017

PartyTime Loud Shirt Night    Brilliant Dance  New Date

Hi Dancer
PartyTime THIS Thursday is a bit of a FUN Special/different. For more detail if you’re interested see bottom of email. It entails a loud shirt! J  But our “special” and puddings are as usual. Beginners but No intermediate. Freestyle from 8.30 -11. £6. Uckfield Civic Centre (just off High St.) TN22 1AE
Next Le Roc Dance Eastbourne Town Hall 21st Oct. then Nov 11th,Dec 2nd  & NYE
IT WAS A SUPER BRILLIANT Swing & Le Roc Night, with some 80 Happy Dancers, with SPECIAL THANKS to Lou, Sharon & Son for being the BEST CREW at Eastbourne one could ask for. Thank you. :) Of course my Uckfield Crew are the Best There too!!


EARLY BIRD NYE Tickets £12 Aug - September. 40 already booked and limited Nos. 200. Bookings are coming in from Eastbourne, Bexhill, Brighton, Uckfield and all over. You can buy online too. http://eastbournelerocdance.blogspot.co.uk/
LOUD SHIRT NIGHT. Two or three weeks ago one of the dancers wore a VERY Bright Shirt and I said I could beat it!! Another couple of guys said they had better ones and the following week wore them! I said OK PartyTime, we’ll have a completion  and it escalated to OK – in November I will have a Hawaiian dance and we will all wear “THE SHIRTS” (ladies welcome to join in) It’s for just a bita fun with a bottle as the prize! So come and join in THIS WEEK, but it’s only if you’re mad enough – everyone else “comes as they are to just  enjoy our dance”! J We have Request and play a great music mix of Modern, Motown, Swing and a little Tango.


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