THURS My Birthday Bash A Sat SWING & LeRoc At Eastbourne Town Hall

From: "Eastbourne LeRoc" <>
Subject: THURS My Birthday Bash A Sat SWING & LeRoc At Eastbourne Town Hall
Date: July 25th 2017

Hi Dancers
It’s my Birthday Bash THIS Thursday, be great to have you help to celebrate it! Yep I’m 21 Again!!! Gotta cake and there will be some extras to keep you going. J
Buy your Dance Tickets too!
PartyTime is NEXT WEEK.

DANCING Thursday NIGHT  27th, with 3 Turbo Fans to keep you Coooool.
Sorry about the intermediate last week – being tripped up by an electric fence ....... does slow one down a bit!!
SO,Beginners, Intermediate and then freestyle £5 before 8.30. £6 thereafter. 8.00 till 11.00.

The Civic Centre (just off high street). TN22 1AE.
PartyTime is Next Week.

Tickets available for the THE Uckfield SATURDAY DANCE AUGUST 12th. . 8 – 12 midnight, D J Mike “THE Man” Takes Requests, Bar, Wooden Dance Floor, Free Car Park and A Great Night Of Dance. £8.00 in advance - £10 OTD. Limited places. Buy Online
Advance News.

NYE at Eastbourne Town Hall. Early bird tickets. £9.00.
BUY ONLINE ( £22 OTD). Aug/Sept. £12.00. A Promised GREAT Night
SEPT 2nd A joint SWING & LeRoc Night 8 – 12 Eastbourne Town Hall. Buy Online

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