PartyTime and Dance Tickets.

From: "Eastbourne LeRoc" <>
Subject: PartyTime and Dance Tickets.
Date: April 6th 2017


Always a Super night, with cake and a "Special". Bring a HOMEMADE cake and get in free.

Beginners lesson 8.00 - 8.30, no intermediate. Freestyle from 8.30 - 11pm. £6.00. Great Music Mix, Requests, Bar, Free Car Park. Uckfield Civic Centre, (just off High St). TN22. 1AE.

BUY YOUR EASTER DANCE TICKETS 15th April TOO. £8.00 in advance £10.00 OTD.
I Would be grateful if you would “spread the word"  - I CANNOT REACH EVERYONE.  IT'S A LOVELY VENUE AND A WOODEN SPRUNG FLOOR. IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT EVENING OF DANCE.        Uckfield Civic Centre,(just off  High St. TN22 AE Info ? 07754 442027

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