UPDATE 60 Plus SwingShift 18 Piece BIG Band PartyTime

From: "Eastbourne LeRoc" <hotshotsdanceleroc@hotmail.com>
Subject: UPDATE 60 Plus SwingShift 18 Piece BIG Band PartyTime
Date: November 29th 2016

UPDATE    60 Plus    SwingShift 18 Piece BIG Band      PartyTime

Hi Dancer
Eastbourne LeRoc Update.
Due to my cancer op.- I had to suspend Eastbourne Town Halls Eastbourne LeRoc.
I am Now looking very hard for a couple of teachers to take over Le Roc 3 weeks a month, with myself running PartyTime, if you love Eastbourne as much as I do – please spread the word.


CHRISTMAS CRACKER Thursday 22nd December. 18 Piece BIG BAND
I still run HOTSHOTS Uckfield as there are no stairs and I have an 18 Piece BIG BAND on Thursday 22nd Decmber. (2 x 1 separate hours plus 3 DJ Le Roc slots. 7.30 -11.30. £10.00.
Over 100 tickets have gone in the last 3weeks – so there almost certainly will not be any left for the door. So if you want a BRILLIANT night out Buy now If you want to ensure a ticket – we have them again for sale THIS Thursday from 8.00. Google Swingshiftsussex  and you will know why I have said you need to get your tickets NOW!!!
You can see the band AND You can listen to a couple of tracks!
Come and see us at Uckfield, just £6.00. 8 – 11pm. Freestyle from 8.30-11.00. BAR, Brilliant Floor and free Car Park.


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