ALEX at PartyTime April 6th

From: "Eastbourne LeRoc" <>
Subject: ALEX at PartyTime April 6th
Date: March 29th 2016

Hi Dancer
We again are SO pleased to welcome Alex from Battle again to teach and dance through PartyTime.
Last month she REALLY did bring in a new breath of fresh air. For those of you who missed last month – don’t miss the opportunity This PartyTime APRIL 6th.
I think it was agreed by all that came, that her icebreaker WAS Different and interesting and the “ladies” were all pleased with her teaching style.
She wanted to bring a “new” feel and light style to teaching Le Roc, which I’m sure she accomplished, which made for an interesting super teaching style.
I guess the best “proof of the pudding” is to ask those that came last month.

With faster and new music plus requests, free Tea, Coffee, Juice and Soft Drinks – plus our “special”, best wooden sprung floor and a wonderful Art Deco building – it’s a great social venue.

Last month I had a glitch which meant a late email – this time you will have the time to put it in your diary.

ALEX’S Icebreaker 8.00 – 8.40.  £5.00 before 8.30. £6.00 thereafter. 7.45 – 11pm
Eastbourne Town Hall, (next to the old Police Station) Grove Rd. BN21 4UG.

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