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Subject: Modern Jive News: New DVDs: Over 50 Great Christmas Presents!
Date: December 1st 2009 Newsletter - December 1 2009

Modern Jive DVDs: Over 50 Great Christmas Presents!
We post your DVDs within 24 hours - order now to beat the postal strike!

Note: We have held prices at £17.50 for most DVDs for five years now, despite numerous postage increases and the steady rises in many other costs.  Prices will be going up by around a pound on many DVDs on January 1st. This month is your last chance to buy at the current prices.

New DVDs
Social Drops & Seducers
Stylz Jive's Social Drops & Seducers DVD
Drops and seducers that will make your freestyle eye-catching!

Enhance your dancing, look superb and get noticed! These drops and seducers can be used on the social dance floor on any dance night. All the moves are completely leadable and great fun to dance.

Roy & Alina will take you through these moves with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Style tips are also included. A must for those who want to take their dancing to the next level.

Full details at
Social Drops & Seducers
Social Drops & Seducers


Ladies' Styling DVD
UK Smoooth's Experimenting with Whips DVD
Lazy Dave's essential step by step guide,
Starting with a simple Whip and breaking it down into its two component parts: the "entry" and the "exit". Practise the basics before moving on to the more interesting variations. All the moves featured are easily lead and followed - an essential ingredient for genuine social dancing.
Simple, Stylish & Smooth

See the video on YouTube

Full details at


Other Recent DVDs
Ladies' Styling DVDLadies' Styling DVDClose Moves Workshop DVDViktor's Freestyle Moves DVDViktor's Style Workshop DVDUK Smoooth - Step It Up DVDLadies' Styling DVD
Click on the images to get these great DVDs - buy online from

Choose from over 50 DVD titles, covering Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Dips & Drops, Close Moves, Hot Moves, Lifts & Aerials, Style & Musicality, Ladies' Styling, Jango, Latin for Jivers, Double Trouble and Weekenders. 

Details of all these great DVDs are at


Best Selling DVDs

Modern Jive Toolkit
The Modern Jive Toolkit
The Ultimate Guide to Smooth Jiving
Improve your dancing with the biggest selection of hints and tips you've ever seen:
  • Lead & Follow
  • Connection
  • Balance & Tension
  • Spinning
  • Safe Drops, Leans & Lambadas
PLUS loads of great moves!

Learn all the trade secrets you need to help you become a great dancer!


50 Cool Moves
50 Cool Moves
Add some pizzazz!
How to make your partner smile!

This amazing collection includes many of John’s Signature Moves that you won’t find anywhere else, plus lots of ideas to add some pizzazz to your dancing skills.

Catering for all experience levels, these 12 routines include bonus moves, variations, and interesting entries & exits. The moves vary from simple to complex, from fun to serious, and include some cool drops and lifts.
Make your freestyle flashy and fun!


Tango Jive Fusion with Attitude
Amir and Kate guide you through the fundamentals and flash moves of this exciting new fusion of jive and tango, ensuring you stand out on the dance floor with sexy slides and fancy footwork.

What is Jango?
Jango is a unique fusion of Modern Jive with Argentinean Tango. It allows you to dance intricate footwork patterns as well as turns, twists, and arm styling. You will recognise many movements from Modern Jive, but with a big difference: there is a very clear lead and follow of the footwork through out, which creates a strong connection and a smooth and elegant style. You will also recognise many tango steps and moves, but in a more open and relaxed style, using a more malleable embrace that can shift into turns, pretzels and baskets!

The important foundation moves, that allow you to mix Modern Jive moves with tango moves easily, are on this amazing DVD.


Latin For Jivers
Latin for Jivers
Tango, Cha Cha and Salsa taught to enhance Modern Jive.

Spectacular Look & Dance Style: This DVD shows you the footwork of the individual dances and explains how to look more like a dancer, concentrating on grip, spinning, centre point of balance and posture, creating a spectacular look.

Ideal for any jive dancer wishing to add that little bit extra to their dancing.


       Happy dancing,


John Sweeney, Dancer  


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