Come Learn to Tango Baaaby!

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Subject: Come Learn to Tango Baaaby!
Date: May 21st 2010

Come Learn to Tango Baby!


Hello there!


The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, but now finally based back in London, I’m hoping you can come and learn some Tango with us!  We’re kicking off next Saturday 29th with workshops for beginner and more advanced dancers, we’re guest teaching at the Dome and elsewhere, so hope to see you there.


Also there is a really interesting workshop happening THIS Sunday for more advanced dancers, with my friends Jenny and Andrew, so check out the details below…


Lastly, I’m on and off the stage over the next month… if you feel like an injection of culture in your life, check out performances I’m involved in either around





Hope to see you either in class or in the theatre!!!


 image by Caroline True


Scroll down to read about:


1        Tango Workshop Twickenham Sat 29th with Monica and Amir

2        Performance in Ipswich

3        Almost Colgadas and Interesting Boleos Tango Workshop THIS SUNDAY!

4        Guest Teaching at ‘The Dome’

5        Looking for Space!!!



Tango Workshop Twickenham Next Weekend with Monica and Amir!

Saturday 29th of May, St Mary´s Church Hall, Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NJ


Two hours for beg/int and two for int/adv, there’s something here for everyone!


12-2pm: Beg/Int focusing on the most important foundation of tango, building connection, confidence and competence on the dance floor!  We will cover useful sequences for covering the social dance floor and changing direction…


2.30-4.30pm: Int/Avd – In this workshop we will focus on getting up close and personal - great social sequences that you can do in ‘close embrace’ – perfect for crowded dance floors and for those times you want to really dance ‘as one’. 


£15 for one workshop or £25 for both.

You can pay on the day but you need to book in advance so drop me an email or call 07881 622 909.




2. Performing ‘Entangled’ at Ipswich Pulse Fringe Festival!!!


After the success of Entangled in London, we’ve been invited to perform an extended version at Ipswich’s Fringe Festival on the main stage at the New Wolsey Theatre…. ‘Entangled’ is a choreography made together with Tara Pilbrow, a contemporary and tango dancer from Paris, mixing Tango, Swing and Contemporary dance into a beautiful modern love story! You can see more information on the show at and book tickets at





3. Almost Colgadas and Unusual Boleos with Jenny Sayer and Andrew Burt THIS Sunday the 23rd of May, The Room, 33 Holcombe Rd, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS


The first part of this workshop will focus on how to lead and follow different types of boleo through a variety of exercises specifically designed to provide you with strong technique and increased understanding of the dance structure. The second part of this workshop will show leaders how to play with the followers free leg in imaginative and innovative ways on and off axis.  Followers you will learn how to enable the leg to remain free even when moving through unusual positions.


For more info you can call Jenny on 07868435427, otherwise there is no need to book, and you don’t need a partner, so get there if you can!



4. Guest Teaching at ‘The Dome’ Mon 7th and Wed 9th of June


Monica and I will be leading the Practica at the Dome on Mon 7th of June, and taking the pre-milonga class on Wed 9th.   If you want to come and check out one of London’s leading milongas, it will be a great chance to do so with some familiar faces…  or if you’re already a regular, we look forward to seeing you there!


More info on dancing at the Dome is here:




5. Looking for Space!


As you’ve probably noticed I’m spending more time choreographing my own work, and forming a performance company.  What we need more than anything to support our work is  cheap or free space to rehearse during the day.  If you know of any possibilities, or organizations that may be interested in supporting such commendable artistic endeavors, you know what to do!


Also, we’re currently looking for a space available in the evenings to teach from, beautiful, central, and not expensive.  If you are a miracle worker, or have a suggestion for such a space, please let me know!



All the best!



07881 622 909


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