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Date: February 2nd 2010

Tango, Jango and Contemporary Dance!

February 2010




There’s lots to tell you about again – (performances, workshops, events etc) but first I need to tell you about a contract I’ve just taken on.  From the 15th of February until the end of April I’ll be based in Leeds, joining the Slanjayvah Danza Company in their production of a new piece called ‘Crazy Joanna’. 


More details on performances and stuff later, but in the meantime this means that:

Thursday Tango classes are suspended until May

If you want a private lesson then get in touch before Feb 15th!


Thanks to all of you who made it to the Tango classes – it was a great group and we hope to see you all again when I’m back in London and Monica returns from Buenos Aires  In the meantime, you can catch some more Jango and Tango from me at the Metropolis Weekender in Manchester.  Check out for more info.


Scroll down to read about:


  1. Reviews and feedback on ‘Entangled
  2. Jango Workshop this coming Sunday
  3. Guest Teaching at ‘The Dome’ Wed 10th of Feb
  4. Women’s Tango Technique Workshop with Monica
  5. Weekly Tango Classes suspended until May



1. Reviews and Feedback on Entangled


On the 18th of this month Tara and I performed the new choreography ‘Entangled’ at the Robin Howard Theatre at The Place.  Many of you came to support us, and feedback has been highly positive, so thankyou! 


Here is an extract of a review:


Tango and Vivaldi might on the surface appear unlikely bedfellows. But as Amir Giles and Tara Pilbrow smouldered through a selection of baroque flicks in the aptly-titled duet Entangled, they looked like a marriage made in heaven…

Perfectly in tune with each other, emotionally and physically, the dancers skilfully sketched the story of an amorous encounter from chance flirtation to melancholy afterglow.

… Entangledcouldn't help but get under your skin: we didn't know where the dancers ended and the lovers began.

- Kieth Watson (Dance reviewer for the Metro)


Future plans include a repeat performance at the Pulse festival, and I’ll let you know further plans as they develop!



2. Jango Workshop in London, Penge, This Sunday


Its been a long while since we’ve had an beg/int level Jango workshop in London, so come and join in this coming Sunday if you’ve been waiting your chance!  Its organized by Mjs Just Love to Dance and you can get all the info and saucy pictures at:




3. Guest Teaching at ‘The Dome’ Wed 10th Feb


I’ve been invited to guest teach at the pre-milonga class next Wednesday, at The Dome.  This is one of London’s oldest and largest milongas, so worth checking out even if you can’t make that date.   You can check out all the info here:



4. Women’s Tango Technique with Monica


Where: The Room, 33 Holcombe Rd, Tottenham Hale, N17 9AS

3-6pm Sunday 7th February

: £30

To book please contact me on 07736299220 or by email at

This will be the first of 3 workshops looking at the fundamentals of tango from the follower's perspective. In this class we will be examining linear movements (caminata and linear boleos) and circular movements (ochos, giros and circular boleos) in depth, with exercises specifically designed to provide you with strong technique and increased understanding of the follower's role.

During the class we will focus on improving:

·         Good posture, balance and connection with the leader.

·         Dissociation, counter-rotation and releasing the free leg.

·         Long and fluid versus sharp and short embellishments, the importance of the music.


Please bring comfortable clothing and socks or soft shoes as well as your tango shoes.




5. Thursday Tango Class Suspended Until May


As mentioned above, our Thursday class will be suspended until I get back from Leeds and Monica gets back from Buenos Aires! 


Often I get asked who else I would recommend – so here is my answer!  Try Hiba and Rene, at


Take care!!!



07881 622 909

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