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Subject: New Tango Class Thursdays + Other News!!!
Date: November 12th 2009

November 2009




Long time no email!  As many of you know, I started out this year in Buenos Aires up until May, and was in Paris for most of the summer rehearsing a piece that we’ll be presenting at The Place ( on the 18th of January.  Tickets are cheapest if you book well in advance, so put it in your diary and get them as soon as they are released.  The work is a mix of contemporary dance, tango and other partner dance forms, so I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting.  Its called ‘Entangled’, and I’m dancing with Tara, a contemporary dancer who lives in Paris, but some of you may have met at a couple of events t his year….


Apart from that, I’ve been lucky enough to be teaching Tango both in Paris and Spain, and next week at the Royal Ballet School!  But what I really wanted to tell you about, and hope you can make it to, is:



New Weekly Tango Class Starts Next Thursday!


We’ve finally found the perfect venue to start up a new tango class, walking distance from Kentish Town Tube, spacious and with a perfect floor.


I’ll be teaching with Monica, a popular teacher and an excellent dancer.  We’ll be focusing on a mix of detailed technical instruction, along with the all important connection and feeling of the dance. 


Hope you can make it, starting this coming Thursday the 19th of November!


7.30pm Beg

8.30pm Int


£10 or £15 for both classes. 


Expressions Studios
Linton House
39-51 Highgate Road
London NW5 1RT



What About Jango?


So as many of you know, this year we’ve kept up some Jango classes at several weekenders and events, but there just haven’t been the weekends available for many workshops!  But on the 28th of Nov we'll be in Oxford with Jive Plus, teaching both beg and int level Jango, so there is one last chance this year to get some great connection and footwork into your jive:


As the name implies, Jango is a fusion of Modern Jive and Tango, so the best route for people interested is to learn some tango.   I’ll be running the occasional workshop aimed at people with some of this basic knowledge to understand how the fusion works. But if you’re interested, the best thing is to come along to some tango classes, mine or anyone else’s! 


You can check out classes at other weekenders at the website Calendar page,




07881 622 909


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