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Come Learn to Tango Baaaby!

Sent May 21st 2010

*Come Learn to Tango Baby!*   Hello there!   The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, but now finally based back in London, I’m hoping you can come and learn some Tango with us!  We’re kicking off *next Saturday 29th with workshops for beginner and more advanced dancers/*, we’re guest teaching at the Dome and elsewhere, so hope to see you there.   Also there is a *really interesting workshop happening THIS Sunday/* for more advanced dancers, with my frie...

Shows and Shenanigans!

Sent April 29th 2010

*Shows and Shenanigans!* End of April News, 2010   There are some great shows and festivals coming up, so check out the dates and see what you can get to!  I had this crazy dream last night I was in ancient Athens by the sea where everything was larger than life, the fish were huge, with amazing colours, jumping above the surface of a river that ran through the city, where everyone was really friendly and loved having a visitor from the future.  Everywhere there was a  sense of s...

Followers Technique Workshop this Coming Sunday!

Sent April 12th 2010

12.4.10 Hey There!   Last weekend we had the second of our Jango Workshops in Penge, London, really well attended and a fantastic group of enthusiastic dancers – so more workshops are planned for the near future.  This is a great oppertunity for people near or in London to get some more Jango going.  I’ll let you know when the dates are set.   I’m working with a dance company in Leeds until the end of this month, (www.slanjayvahdanza.com) but I’m back in London in May ...

Women's Tango Technique Workshop this Sunday!

Sent March 15th 2010

Good day to you kind people! I’m currently in Leeds, working with a dance company here rehearsing a show that will premier on the 1st of May.  But Monica is still in London, and this weekend she is running a workshop especially for tango dancing ladies, together with a special guest!   These workshops are vital for women who want to feel confident and stylish whilst dancing, and most importantly, feel liberated by the self expression Monica teaches followers to contribute to the dance: ...

Workshops, Performances and Events!

Sent February 2nd 2010

Tango, Jango and Contemporary Dance!* February 2010   Yo!   There’s lots to tell you about again – (performances, workshops, events etc) but first I need to tell you about a contract I’ve just taken on.  From the 15th of February until the end of April I’ll be based in Leeds, joining the Slanjayvah Danza Company in their production of a new piece called ‘Crazy Joanna’.    More details on performances and stuff later, but in the meantime this means that: ...

Theatre Performance, Classes and Best Wishes!!!

Sent January 6th 2010

Theatre Performance, Classes and Best Wishes!!!* January 2010   Hello and Happy New Year!   I hope you had a great time, a lovely Christ Mass and all those other things.  I’m really looking forward to the coming year, with lots of exciting things planned!  This month we’re premiering a 20 minute choreography at the Place, restarting our Thursday tango classes, teaching at Rock Bottoms, Swinging the Blues and resuming private lessons! On a less exciting note Jenny ...

Jango Workshop Oxford, Tango Class Tonight, Royal Ballet School pic!

Sent November 26th 2009

Hey! Just a quick message to show off about one thing, and remind you of two: 1.  On Monday we taught at the *Royal Ballet School*, you can see a picture on their news page: http://www.royal-ballet-school.org.uk/news.php?s=1 2.  Today, Thursday we continue with *our new Tango Class *at Expressions Studio, Kentish Town.  Linton House,  39-51 Highgate Road, NW5 1RT.    7.30pm Beg, 8.30 Int, £10 or £15 for both… 3. There are still spa...

New Tango Class Thursdays + Other News!!!

Sent November 12th 2009

November 2009   Hello!*  * Long time no email!  As many of you know, I started out this year in Buenos Aires up until May, and was in Paris for most of the summer rehearsing a piece that we’ll be presenting at The Place (http://www.theplace.org.uk/theatre) on the 18th of January.  Tickets are cheapest if you book well in advance, so put it in your diary and get them as soon as they are released.  The work is a mix of contemporary dance, tango and other partner dance for...




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Jango is a fusion of Tango and Jive. It is inspired by the freedom of modern-jive with the footwork and connection of tango. There are classes, workshops and a DVD available in the style, as well as hundreds of dancers around the country that have been inspired by this fusion. Events such as Funky Lush, Southport, Utopia and other blues orientated events play a lot of music that is great for this fusion.
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