From: "Hotshots" <>
Date: September 1st 2009

Hi Dancers
YES I KNOW you got the email for Saturday TODAY!!!
VERY SORRY - the company that sends out all my emails, had a software fault when migrating over to a new server. They have now cured it!
It's nice to know SO many of you read my emails!

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HOTSHOTS Dance Le Roc, was started around eight years ago.

Running weekly classes at The Phoenix (William Parker Arts Complex) and often have two weekend dances booked a month at different venues. Sunday dances afternoons should re-start in the autumn.

Teaching on a professional basis and make learning of this great dance easy and Fun. You are made welcome by other dancers as well as Mike - So come and give it a try - Mike's music is second to none - and he is the Official JIVETIME Hit Parade & a Freestyle DJ at Camber, Bognor & Hayling Island- so "come - learn - dance - enjoy"

Dances are held in the South East Area.

ABSOLUTE Beginners are always made especially welcome. We don't forget how daunting it is when you first start!

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