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Subject: Bristol LeRoc -Classes and dances
Date: December 9th 2010

After I sent the message the other day about new classes at Halo Bar and cafe I had a few people ask if Bristol LeRoc classes were going to continue at Bristol Folk House on Monday nights.

I can assure everyone that Monday nights will continue as normal and that the Halo classes will be in addition to those classes. We will also be continuing our monthly dances at Filton Community Centre.

Hope to see you on Sunday afternoon at 3pm at Halo for the tea dance.

John and Jacquie

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Bristol LeRoc (Clifton LeRoc) is the longest running modern jive class in the South West, running for over 20 years. The classes are held on Monday nights at The Bristol Folk House on Park Street in Bristol. We also run monthly dance nights at the Filton Community Centre in Bristol.

Bristol LeRoc are the organisers of the infamous LeRoc Ball which is held at The Winter Gardens in Weston-super-Mare at the start of December. This ball is the biggest event of the year in the area and has been running since 1990. This year is the 21st ball.

John and Jacquie are the chief instructors for Bristol LeRoc.

John is an examiner in LeRoc for the UKA and is a founding member and former chairman of The LeRoc Modern Jive Federation. He is also the author of the instructional booklet in the 'Start to Dance-Modern Jive' CD and the author of the instruction manual for the federation. Jacquie is also a highly qualified teacher and is a full member of the UKA and LeRoc Federation.

Bristol LeRoc also teach the ever popular Bristol University LeRoc club.

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