The main BritRock photo's up on soon

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Subject: The main BritRock photo's up on soon
Date: November 10th 2009

November 10th Newsletter 2009

Modern Jive at it's best

Photographs on web now!!

Dear All,

I'm afraid that not all the photos were uploaded yesterday. There were so many of them and such large
files that only the Airsteps category got uploaded, which was very disappointing.

We gave up trying the method we usually use to upload and a CD of photos has been sent via post
to a web manager to upload on our behalf. Sorry about this, I jumped the gun a bit when I saw the Airsteps happily going through and didn't think there would then be a problem. Hundreds to come and they are so
good too.

The CD was sent 1st class Wednesday night, but best check later today and/or tomorrow. When you do check them please remember to refresh your screen to view them.

Apologies for this

Kind regards

Photographs on web now
Funny and amazing moments were captured both on camera and DVD both days.
Ian Oliver the official BritRock photographer worked incredibly hard and the results are wonderful. If you would like to purchase photos of yourself and/or friends, please email or call on 07834787178 and Ian will arrange and post a CD selection of your choice for just £15. Polite Notice...The photos are on and we request that you use these as an aid to view your selection rather than print off free copies as Ian worked terribly hard to achieve this and we very much want him to come back next year.

BritRock DVD
Coverage from the Friday night horror Ball, & Saturday competition. Every heat covered plus entertaining intro, funny clips, cute moments, wedding guest appearance and more, available in 3 weeks.
Order on-line please click here or call Brian Fernley 4U Video Productions 07783033693 or email   and order direct.

Look forward to seeing you there
Sarah & Neil xx



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Meet People and have fun

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' Registered Number 1112412 see charity page

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