West Coast Swing at BritRock?

From: "BritRock" <sarah@modernjive.biz>
Subject: West Coast Swing at BritRock?
Date: October 13th 2009

Oct 13th Newsletter 2009

Dear BritRock Dancers,


West Coast Swing
There has been a request for a WCS Category at BritRock and we are delighted to announce that we are doing all we can to arrange this for you but please would you let us know as soon as you possible can so that we are able to make a decision on this.

The Judges are looking likely to be:

  1. Mike Rosa

  2. David Barker

  3. Simon Rich

  4. Nicole Beckey

  5. Phil Web


BritRock, all categories and tickets now available on-line

All on-line entries will be logged but best print off your receipt and bring to BritRock as well.
On-line bookings will be closed 12 midnight Tuesday 27th October, to book on-line:

Please click here


For more information:
Pick up a flyer, download the flyer, go to BritRock's web site www.britrockcompetition.com 
call Sarah 07712497934 director of BritRock Awards, Independent Modern Jive Competition


That's all for now and look forward to seeing you there


Kind regards

Sarah Johnson

and the BritRock and MJ team




Modern Jive, a Great way to
Meet People and have fun

Sarah's Modern Jive is a Member of the Le Roc Federation & UKA
Sarah's MJ 'helping those less fortunate than ourselves
'Build a Future in Kenya
' Registered Number 1112412 see charity page

Sarah is: A UK Freestyle Jive Champion . UK Spotlight Jive Champion . Qualified Professional Instructor, Competition Judge  &  Member of LeRoc Federation . UKA . Director of 'BritRock' Independent Championships . Trustee of 'Build A Future in Kenya Reg' 1112412
Mob: 07712497934 . E sarah@modernjive.biz . web: www.modernjive.biz & www.britrockcompetition.com


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